What We’re Reading at 1AM: RSL Edition

To Our Comrade, Robert L (S Leonard), Scoffer at this Niche

On this February 28th at 1AM, we thought it best to pay homage to the birthday sweaterboy himself: Robert Lawrence “Sean” Leonard. He’s had some poignant moments, and we’ve ranked a list of highlights for you. Here at The Niche, RSL is a well-established gender icon, tie guy, and not-so-Catholic holy father–– but above all, he’s so brave and so fucking tired.

(Be forewarned: #5 carries heavy dark energy.)

8. “It’s the most moronic part of being an actor for me, but forgetting that I’m listening to the other person.”

7. He’s just softly singing a hymn here I don’t know what to tell you

6. “It’s like if you take the worst experience you’ve ever had, add the Great Depression and watching Parenthood six times in a row. It’s a nightmare.”

5. a. “Written to a boy, but never mind.”

5. b. “It has become of me.”

4. *makes out with a statue*

3. “Jack Lemmon… the likeness is frightening.”

2. “It certainly looked lethargic, but I don’t quite understand, like I didn’t think it was like, horrific.”

1. “I’m comparing my family to tarantulas, is what I’m doing.”

If nothing else, RSL has certainly unified the niches. For that, we’re grateful. HBD, Lenz.

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