7 Images of Young Robert Sean Leonard That Make Me Feel Insecure in My Gender Identity


I feel like this one doesn’t need too much explanation. Bobby, I gotta say: you are a transmasc icon.


Actually, you know what? This one makes me feel even more lesbian, somehow. That pose he’s got going on, and the button-down shirt with the top button undone, and his hair looking like that all manage to come together to form a butch lesbian’s dream look. Or maybe just mine in particular.


I have not ever worn a turtleneck as far as I can remember. This makes me want to. Also, dare I say this is lesbiotic?




I, too, wear glasses.


This is one of my most hated images of all time. It, along with the entirety of Dead Poets Society acts as a constant reminder to me of what I would look like if I were a teenage boy in the late 1950s. I hate his fucking sweater.


I can’t even look at this let alone comment on it

10 thoughts on “7 Images of Young Robert Sean Leonard That Make Me Feel Insecure in My Gender Identity

  1. madfashionista says:

    I have worshiped at the temple of RSL ever since ‘House’. I then saw all of his earlier work and since then have seen him on stage in nearly everything he’s done in NYC and CT. I’ve also met him several times and god DAMN he is the most adorable, sweet, sex-on-legs person I’ve ever met in a fleeting celebrity encounter.


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