Pictures of Robert Sean Leonard Ranked in Order of How Much They Trigger My Dysphoria

10. masc

Only mildly so, the sleeves are rolled up and the vest is rather offensive. A younger Bobby Lenz and this pose would have been dysphoria central to be sure.


Just ridiculous. Barely makes me long for a lost boyhood at all.


A little too much Disney prince and not enough all boys private school vibes for this to be truly agonizing. The doublet makes its presence known but the jeans counteract it somewhat.

7. pretty

Hair, cheekbones. Altogether makes me say ‘I’m trans?’


Well first of all, I’ve worn this outfit.


The only reason this egregious affront to trans mascs everywhere isn’t higher up on the list is the low image quality, which limits its impact.


Do you long to look in the mirror and see a young man such as this? A young man with a jawline and a turtleneck and the company of an equally trans looking Ethan Hawke. I know I do.


The combination of glasses, scarf and jacket make we want to skip my tutorials at oxford and lounge in the sun with my male best friend who I am desperately in love with, if you know what I mean.




This image alone is bad enough but you can also feel the full weight of Dead Poets Society as a whole crashing down on you. Easily the most concentrated levels of dysphoria-inducing adolescent masculinity per frame of any film I’ve ever seen. That in combination with the cardigan, the haircut, his eyebrows, his hand… every inch of this frame instills in me dissatisfaction with my gendered features.

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12 thoughts on “Pictures of Robert Sean Leonard Ranked in Order of How Much They Trigger My Dysphoria

  1. R says:

    why do i keep coming back to read this…. it’s uncomfortably relatable and distressing and yet i reread it like once a week. i want to look like this. help me


  2. albie says:

    i went through the trouble of leaving a comment just so i could tell you this makes me Lose My Shit every time. number 2 always gets me


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