Pending Edits to the Brideshead Revisited Wikipedia Page Where It’s Star Wars Now

Until recently, the free, user-edited online encyclopedia Wikipedia contained a rather glaring error: Namely, it contained separate articles titled Star Wars: Episode IV–A New Hope, and Brideshead Revisited, perpetuating the misconception that rather than just being two names for the same thing, they are two separate works with different characters and different plots. No shame to anyone involved! It’s easy for mistakes like this to happen, especially with a universe as sprawling and detailed as that of Star Wars. Still, not seeing any reason to let it go unfixed, I said to myself, “Adam, why don’t you step in and help out?” So I did. Below are some edits I have made to the Wikipedia page of Brideshead Revisited, that, when approved, will help the page more fully reflect its connection to the Star Wars franchise.

  • “[Death Star] Revisited, The Sacred & Profane Memories of Captain [Han Solo] is a [film] by [American] [director] [George Lucas], first [released] in [1977].
  • It follows the life and romances of the protagonist [Han Solo], including his friendship with the [Skywalkers], a family of wealthy [Force sensitives] who [battle one another] in a palatial [superweapon] called [the Death Star].”
  • “[Solo] has relationships with two of the [Skywalkers]: [Luke] and [Leia]. The [film] explores themes including nostalgia for the age of [the Dark Side], [the Force], and the nearly overt homosexuality of [Luke Skywalker] [while training under Obi-Wan Kenobi].”
  • “[A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away] protagonist and narrator [Han Solo], a [smuggler] [on] the [Millennium Falcon], is befriended by [Luke Skywalker], the younger son of the [genocidal] [Darth Vader].”
  • “[Luke] introduces [Han] to his eccentric and aesthetic friends, including the haughty and homosexual [C-3PO].”
  • “[Luke] also takes [Han] to his family’s palatial [superweapon], [the Death Star], where [Han] later meets the rest of [Luke’s] family, including his sister [Leia Organa].”
  • “During the long summer holiday [Han] returns home to [the Millennium Falcon], where he lives with his [Wookiee], [Chewbacca]. The conversations there between [Han] and [Chewbacca] provide some of the best-known comic scenes in the [film series].”
  • “[Han] is called back to [the Death Star] after [Luke] incurs a minor [attack from Darth Vader], and [Luke] and [Han] spend the remainder of the holiday together [and are awarded medals for bravery in a marriage-like ceremony].”
  • “[Lucas] wrote in [1980] that ‘[Han’s] romantic affection for [Luke] is part due to the glitter of the new world [Luke] represents…'”
  • “Attention has also been drawn to…the suggestion in the [film] that one of the reasons [Han] is later in love with [Leia] is her physical similarity to [Luke].”
  • “[Luke’s] family are [Force sensitive], which influences the [Skywalkers’] lives as well as the content of their conversations, all of which surprises [Han], who had always assumed [the Force] was ‘without substance or merit’.”
  • “[The Force] is a significant theme of the [film].”


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