In Honour of the New Star Wars Movie, Watch This Trilogy of Luke Skywalker Fan Videos Set to Lana Del Rey Songs

Once a year at Christmastime, we gather together to celebrate our Lord and saviour: Luke Skywalker. Yes, Star Wars Season is a time of merriment, a time of gratitude and peace. What better way to celebrate than to indulge in a trilogy of Lana Del Rey music videos which focus on Luke Skywalker’s emotional journey? No better way, that’s what.

I began making these videos – one for each film in the original series – about two years ago. Why? Couldn’t tell ya. But they really hold up, I have to say. Check them out below, featuring commentary by me, the director. Also, stay tuned for when The Last Jedi leaks and I can complete the series with a video of Luke chilling out on Fuck-Off Island while “High by the Beach” plays.

A New Hope

This is the only real masterpiece of the bunch, to be honest. The first and last shots are incredibly potent. Mark Hamill even favourited it on Twitter, so you can’t tell me shit.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 6.49.35 PM

The Empire Strikes Back

This is the first video I made after I abandoned iMovie for a bootlegged copy of Final Cut Pro. The image quality is much more crisp. The cuts are far more precise. And that final sequence? When Luke and Darth Vader cross lightsabers? *Chef kiss*

Return of the Jedi

This one isn’t on YouTube, because the soundtrack is an unreleased Lana track, and I guess her label doesn’t want rarities circulating? That’s fine. This is the emotional zenith of the series, Luke coming to terms with the fact that Han, the love of his life, has chosen another. I definitely understand the point of Star Wars.

The Force Awakens

Oh, bonus! Here’s the video where I re-edited the lightsaber fight from the end of The Force Awakens and set it to “Kill V Maim” by Grimes! It’s not on YouTube – Disney gave it a pass on copyright, but Grimes did not. This pains me immensely, because I feel like Grimes would really like this if she saw it.

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