A Comprehensive List of All 160 Things Ira Madison III Has Said “Keep It” About

Culture writer Ira Madison III, also known as @ira on Twitter, has become famous for a simple catchphrase: keep it. It’s ruthless, efficient, lethal. If Ira ever looked at something I made and told me to keep it, I believe that my bones would disintegrate into ash. Keep it is a lifestyle. Keep it is a fundamental right and an earned privilege. Keep it is a plea for decorum and a rallying cry to unleash hell. Here, compiled via Twitter advanced search, is a comprehensive list of everything Ira has ever said keep it about.

  1. A video of Roger Stone dancing
  2. A potential Justin Timberlake Super Bowl halftime show
  3. Twitter’s new 280 character limit
  4. Donald Trump selling raffle tickets for a charity dinner
  5. Sean Penn starring in a new TV show
  6. A Game of Thrones prequel series
  7. Stephen Colbert giving Hillary Clinton a list of unused jokes written for election night in the event of a Clinton victory
  8. Meghan McCain potentially joining the cast of The View
  9. The poster for Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider reboot
  10. Black and white cookies
  11. James Corden kissing Sean Spicer on the cheek
  12. The season finale of Younger
  13. A white actor filing a lawsuit on the basis that they were discriminated against for being white
  14. ESPN’s statement on Jemele Hill, twice; a rare double keep it
  15. A Glamour Magazine profile on Hope Hicks
  16. Ryan Murphy’s upcoming Nurse Ratched series starring Sarah Paulson
  17. A potential Pirates of the Caribbean 6
  18. A cover of the Chronicle Review which featured college students gazing into mirrors with the headline “Why Students Only See Themselves”
  19. Sam Smith, twice; yet another rare double keep it
  20. G-Eazy making out with Halsey
  21. Tomi Lahren debuting as a Fox News contributor
  22. Lionsgate’s Robin Hood origin movie
  23. A GQ article suggesting that Tyrion Lannister should be killed off
  24. Lil Kim working on new music featuring Biggie
  25. New music from Taylor Swift (NOTE: indicated that while he would say “keep it” in public, he would do the Rake It Up choreo to her new music in the privacy of his own home)
  26. A second season of Friends From College
  27. A potential Jabba the Hutt standalone film
  28. A live-action Jetsons sitcom
  29. Clay Aiken’s apology for defending Donald Trump
  30. Ronald Reagan’s 1981 speech to the far right
  31. Colby Keller’s “Why I Voted for Donald Trump” op-ed
  32. Paris Hilton’s statement that women are only accusing Donald Trump of assault in order to garner fame and attention
  33. American Crime Story: Katrina
  34. Lionsgate’s CEO hinting at more Twilight and Hunger Games films
  35. A How I Met Your Mother spin-off
  36. The Bachelor’s Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo getting engaged
  37. West Hollywood road closures due to filming of Jimmy Kimmel Live
  38. A debate between Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway
  39. A man “celebrating his wife’s curves” on the Internet
  40. A reboot of TRL
  41. Katy Perry hosting the VMAs
  42. Caitlyn Jenner’s response to Donald Trump’s ban on trans servicemembers
  43. A new Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movie co-starring Siri
  44. A potential revival of The OC
  45. Suicide Squad 2
  46. Ed Sheeran spending time in a recording studio
  47. A Doctor Doom movie
  48. Lena Dunham joining American Horror Story
  49. HBO’s Confederate
  50. A potential Teen Wolf reboot
  51. The upcoming Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic starring Felicity Jones
  52. Scream casting Tyga and CJ Wallace in a third season
  53. Charred carrot tacos
  54. The White House planning a “Made in America” week to highlight issues important to the Trump base and push past Russia news
  55. Disney releasing a possible Planes sequel in April 2019
  56. Zayn Malik potentially being cast as Aladdin
  57. Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg’s 9/11 film
  58. Woody Allen’s new film Wonder Wheel, twice; another rare double keep it
  59. An official draft political committee registered with the FEC to elect Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  60. Daniel Craig returning as James Bond and Adele singing the theme song
  61. A Seattle theatre developing a grunge musical
  62. An Ed Sheeran biopic
  63. Scarlett Johansson hinting at a reunion of Black Widow and The Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War
  64. Mark and Elena from Big Brother kissing
  65. Jeffrey Lord and Brian Stelter talking on CNN
  66. Top Gun 2
  67. MTV News pivoting to video
  68. Chris Cillizza’s newsletter
  69. Ansel Elgort being cast as a young JFK (NOTE: only a “tentative” keep it)
  70. The Han Solo movie
  71. Ruby Rose potentially taking Michelle Rodriguez’s place in the Fast & Furious franchise
  72. Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner scripting a Toni Erdmann remake
  73. Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live
  74. The all-male writing staff of the eleventh season of The X Files
  75. A potential sequel to The Accountant
  76. A Q&A with Tomi Lahren
  77. Drake Bell potentially playing Tim Drake
  78. Sasha Grey
  79. J.K. Rowling revealing there were two Harry Potters
  80. A new Twilight Zone movie
  81. A potential Fantastic Four reboot
  82. Chelsea Clinton calling out Steve Bannon for fat-shaming Sean Spicer
  83. Chris Brown and Ray J’s mixtape
  84. A new Wonder Woman arc focusing on Diana’s long-lost brother
  85. A potential Wolverine reboot
  86. Those who feel Sofia Coppola should have included the slave character in her remake of The Beguiled
  87. A potential Pretty Little Liars spin-off
  88. Season 2 of Big Little Lies, twice; a double keep it
  89. The circles on Twitter’s notification page
  90. Tom Hardy potentially playing Jafar in Aladdin
  91. A potential Shea/Sasha joint win on Drag Race
  92. Joe Biden reportedly encouraging Mitt Romney to run for Senate
  93. A pro-LGBT Corona billboard
  94. A Washington Post op-ed by a former advisor to Bill Clinton on how Donald Trump can manage his crises
  95. A CNN article advising readers to “never, ever ignore Donald Trump’s tweets”
  96. ABC’s Steve Harvey TV series
  97. Megyn Kelly’s new show
  98. Bad Gyal
  99. Bill Maher apologizing for using the N-word
  100. The Despacito remix
  101. Universal’s Dark Universe
  102. A Mamma Mia sequel
  103. A Scarface remake, twice; a double keep it
  104. Miley Cyrus saying she inspired “I Kissed A Girl”
  105. Young Sheldon
  106. A VR TV series starring Sarah Shahi
  107. An e-mail for a Halsey presale code
  108. Abraham Riesman saying the 2006 Superman movie was the best one
  109. A New York Magazine op-ed on why Baby Groot is bad
  110. Unibrows
  111. A potential spin-off of Reign
  112. An op-ed about why Christopher Nolan should direct a Bond movie
  113. The Roseanne revival, twice; a double keep it
  114. A Bethenny Frankel-Fredrik Eklund crossover series for Bravo
  115. Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, twice; a double keep it
  116. Jennifer Lawrence potentially starring in a Madonna biopic
  117. Caitlyn Jenner appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show
  118. A new season of The X-Files
  119. A TV spin-off of Kong: Skull Island
  120. A Coming to America sequel
  121. Friends! The Musical
  122. April 25 being declared “La La Land Day” in Los Angeles
  123. Bernie Sanders’ podcast
  124. A re-cut of the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies in which Peter Parker is a creepy stalker
  125. A Drag Race promo discussing “the origins of Cucu”
  126. Rob Schneider criticizing Democrats on Russia
  127. An article about Ed Sheeran’s tattoos
  128. Aaron Sorkin being in talks with Marvel & DC
  129. True Detective Season 3
  130. An Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars mash-up
  131. Underwear designer Andrew Christian getting a reality TV series
  132. Aries Season
  133. Mario Lopez hosting a Candy Crush game show
  134. A potential remake of The Matrix
  135. James Franco’s gay porn drama for HBO
  136. A book of blank pages mocking Democrats
  137. Season 7 of Buffy
  138. Ryan Gosling potentially playing James Bond
  139. Pea and mayonnaise pizza
  140. An article discussing whether or not La La Land should have won Best Picture
  141. La La Land winning Best Cinematography
  142. An article about straight men who have sex with men
  143. Colton Haynes singing
  144. A nutritional ranking of Girl Scout cookies
  145. Meghan Trainor’s song for the Smurfs movie
  146. A La La Land-themed engagement shoot
  147. Ed Sheeran covering Little Mix
  148. The Charlie Hunnam King Arthur movie
  149. A potential Girls spin-off about Elijah
  150. Justin Timberlake working on new music
  151. King Cobra: The Movie
  152. Mel Gibson potentially directing Suicide Squad 2
  153. Bill Maher interviewing Milo Yiannopoulos
  154. An Esquire article on camo
  155. Scarlett Johansson explaining that Ghost in the Shell is about “feminism over race”
  156. Kristen Wiig and Jack Nicholson starring in a Toni Erdmann remake
  157. Matthew McConaughey and Harmony Korine making a stoner beach comedy
  158. The Grammys making a mini-movie about Taylor Swift’s Album of the Year win
  159. Donald Trump’s first weekly address
  160. Facebook testing a Snapchat Stories clone


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