Quiz: Which Cinematic Maurice is this Quote Directed At?

In the entire history of fiction, there have been exactly two characters named Maurice. This is a flagrantly untrue statement, but I had to open this little ditty somehow. If you’ve seen both Maurice (1987) or Madagascar (2005)– I’ve seen one of the two; guess which– you’ll know that there is no difference between their respective Maurices. As a direct result, it’s basically impossible for the human brain to discern the difference between them outside the wildly different contexts of these masterpieces of cinema.

The following quotes are directed at Maurice… but which one? You decide!

  1. Maurice, you did not raise your hand.
  2. You must shut up and concentrate, Maurice.
  3. Maurice, you’re going mad.
  4. Come, come, Maurice. What is a simple bite on the buttocks among friends? Here, give me a nibble.
  5. Please, please. Maurice.
  6. How dare you bully your mother, Maurice.
  7. Okey dokey, Maurice. I admit it, the plan failed.
  8. Nonsense, Maurice! Come on everybody! Let’s go and meet the pansies!
  9. Maurice, I don’t want a row.
  10. A bull’s eye. Excellent shot, Maurice.
  11. Maurice, I hope nothing’s wrong.
  12. Your health… and the health of all the ladies. Maurice, come. The ladies.
  13. I can’t go on being such a bore to your family, Maurice.
  14. Shame on you, Maurice! Don’t you see that you’ve insulted the freak?

Just to separate the answer key from the questions a little bit so the results aren’t tragically spoiled for you (as I know this quiz is very difficult, and requires a serious amount of effort), I’d like to note that this is my second Niche post regarding Madagascar (2005). I’m not proud of this, but I’m not not proud.

Okay, Answers:

1. Madagascar, 2. Maurice, 3. Maurice, 4. Madagascar, 5. Madagascar, 6. Maurice, 7. Madagascar, 8. Madagascar, 9. Maurice, 10. Madagascar, 11. Maurice, 12. Maurice, 13. Maurice, 14. Madagascar

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