He Went To Juilliard: 7 People You Might Not Know Went to Juilliard

There is an inexplicable feeling. A feeling you get when you’re watching a show and a man shouts “NEWZ-FLASH ASSHOLE” with such enunciation and vocal range that a thousand Shakespearean actors weep in envy. It’s the feeling that makes you think: Is it possible that this man, this odd man with the beautiful voice, this odd man in the FX comedy show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, with the beautiful voice that makes angels weep, perchance…went to The Juilliard School, the notoriously exclusive conservatory for Dance, Drama, and Music?

“He Went To Juilliard” is a feeling. An unexpected feeling. Here are seven people who make you feel, “Hey, you know what? He went to Juilliard.”


1.Glenn Franklin Howerton III

Ah yes, Glenn Franklin Howerton the THIRD. The meme himself. Glennothy best exemplifies what it feels like to bring Juilliard levels of skill to a show about being gay and eating cat food.

2.Sara Ramirez


Sara Ramirez is a Mexican-born actress, singer, and activist best known for playing the lesbian doctor on Grey’s Anatomy. I only know this show from walking from my room to the kitchen while my friends watch it in the living room but from what I can see, she produces major “He Went to Juilliard” feelings. Was about to get cheesy puffs one time and saw her cry Juilliard tears. Anyway, I hope the lesbians on Grey’s are doing okay.

3. Barry Manilow


Wait….he went to Juilliard?



4. Alan Greenspan.


Yup, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan. Mr. “Let’s Privatize Social Security” himself studied clarinet at this school. Dang, Juilliard must be good if it’s making Reagan-appointed economists go to art school.



5. Marcia Cross

marcia-cross-desperate-housewivesOn Desperate Housewives it always felt like she wanted to be playing Lady Macbeth. Potent “He Went To Juilliard” energies on this. Doubly so because it belongs to that era of TV I’m not quite sure actually happened.



6. James Marsters

gallery_ustv-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-spikeSPIKE!!!! Yeah they taught them how to be goth at Juilliard. Shakespeare is like 90% about being goth.





7. Danielle Brooks


“So I’m sitting there, barbecue sauce on my titties and I’m like, what the fuck? Again?” The skill with which she utters this line is prime “He Went To Juilliard.” Actually every line of dialogue spoken by Taystee is a 10 on the HWTJ scale. I can only hope she will be starring in a modern retelling of some Arthur Miller shit soon.


With credit to Seph for articulating #HWTJ as a feeling.

5 thoughts on “He Went To Juilliard: 7 People You Might Not Know Went to Juilliard

  1. pathetic says:

    i feel like i learned a lot from this. also, it has the best opening of any article ive ever read and the most succinct summary of sunny that is humanly possible.


  2. caroline says:

    sacha baron cohen belongs on this list if only bc of his 1:1 filmography ratio of borat movies to critically acclaimed broadway adaptations


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