Blue’s Clues If It Were An Objectively Terrible Teen Drama on the CW

The CW is proud to announce Blue’s Clues, a hot new spin-off of the beloved children’s television series designed to tackle tough issues affecting teens of today.

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-3-47-07-pmThe series revolves around high school sophomore Blue Clooney, played with panache by rising star Bella Thorne. Blue is a tough, street-smart girl with no respect for anyone’s rules. She’s also a gifted hacker, graffiti artist, and amateur detective, sniffing out suspicious circumstances in the quiet suburb of Nickelodeon – where white picket fences and pristine green lawns hide secrets and corruption too shocking to comprehend. This town, it turns out, is the centre of the biggest puppy mill operation in America – and only Blue can put a halt to this despicable practice.

Over the course of the first season, Blue will hunt down the ringleader of her town’s puppy mills, enact swift vigilante justice, and free hundreds of suffering pups.

But she can’t do it alone.


Enter unassuming classmate Steve, played by the charming young Tom Holland of Spider-Man: Homecoming. A soft-spoken paper boy, Steve runs into Blue one morning while she’s staking out a run-down ranch on the outskirts of town – a ranch that she believes to be a puppy mill. Steve is immediately drawn to the enigmatic, dangerous Blue, and finds himself pulled into her world: accompanying her on midnight raids, unshackling rabid dogs, and holding the gun during backroom interrogations.

Steve and Blue are about to embark on a journey into the seedy underbelly of organized crime, one filled with unexpected, twists, horrifying secrets, and complex moral questions. Will these two teens crack the case and shut down Nickeloden’s puppy mills forever? Will they face certain death? Will they find love in the midst of all this chaos?

And what happens when Blue finds out that she is… teen pregnant?

Find out on Blue’s Clues, only on the CW, Tuesday nights at 8/9c.

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