Drake or PUP: Can You Guess Who Wrote Each Lyric About Being A Sad Man on a Toronto Motorway?


I take Eglinton to 401 East
And exit at Markham Road in the East End


And back in the city I was on a tear
High-fiving every shithead on Queen Street


Queen Street visions that nobody believed in


I’m on Bloor where you can’t shop


I’m driving fast to get away
Doing 180 on the Don Valley Parkway


And down by the Don Valley Creek
The water is dirty and deep
Leave you under the overpass
With the broken glass


We’ll take you to the Scarborough Bluff
And drop you off the cliff


You’re so predictable, I hate people like you
Kennedy Road taught me not to trust people like you


I was getting high in the van in St. Catharine’s
While you were rubbing elbows in the art scene


Do you remember back to Weston Road, Scarlett Road?



Canadian cold, Canadian cheer
I couldn’t spend another winter up here


This is dedicated to Canada, man, the whole up north
A lot of people don’t realize how cold it gets during the winter


1. Drake, “Connect”
2. PUP, “Morbid Stuff”
3. Drake, “Lose You”
4. French Montana ft. Drake, “No Shopping”
5. PUP, “DVP”
6. PUP, “Factories”
7. Lil Wayne ft. Drake, “Believe Me”
8. Drake, “Keep the Family Close”
9. PUP, “Morbid Stuff”
10. Drake, “You and the 6”
11. PUP, “The Coast”
12. Drake, “Come Winter”

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