Public Service Announcement: Phoebe Bridgers Used to Have a Pixie Cut

This post exists for one reason and one reason only: to spread awareness of the fact that Phoebe Bridgers, highly talented musician and wielder of a sword, once had a pixie cut. I know what you’re thinking: surely there is no way that a pixie cut could possibly hold a candle to Phoebe’s current style, wispy and shoulder-length, the colour of stardust and the consistency of cornsilk. Case in point, from i-D’s “Bridgers on Bridges” feature, photographed by Lily Bertrand-Webb:

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 6.31.24 PM

But if you scroll back far enough on Phoebe’s Instagram, you will find that the pixie cut can hold a candle. It can hold many candles.


She sometimes went very femme with it:


And sometimes very butch:


But always, without exception, she is pulling off this pixie cut harder than anyone has ever pulled off a pixie cut.


She even managed to make lemonade out of the awkward growing-out phase — which is damn near impossible — as evidenced by this photo, which she captioned “#mancrushmonday (myself).”


She could probably pull off… I don’t know, anything? A mohawk? A mullet? I would, frankly, like to see her try. Okay, now I feel guilty for writing an entire post about how cool her hair is. Close this tab and go buy Stranger in the Alps and boygenius and Better Oblivion Community Centre on iTunes.

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