What We’re Reading at 1 AM

Once upon a time Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart met at a White House dinner. Eleanor had always wanted to fly a plane so they left the dinner, still in their formal gowns, and commandeered a plane and flew around a bunch. This true story is the subject of this delightful children’s book.


And, of course, we could all use another look at Eleanor’s gay love letter.

Eleanor to Lorena, March 10, 1933

“Remember one thing always, no one is just what you are to me. I’d rather be writing this minute than anything else & yet I love many other people & some often can do things for me probably better than you could, but I’ve never enjoyed being with anyone the way I enjoy being with you.”

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One thought on “What We’re Reading at 1 AM

  1. anna says:

    Some more gay love letters between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok because I love them.

    “Hick my dearest–

    I cannot go to bed tonight without a word to you. I felt a little as though a part of me was leaving tonight. you have grown so much to be a part of my life that it is empty without you, even though I’m busy every minute.”


    (from Lorena)

    “Only eight more days . . . Funny how even the dearest face will fade away in time. Most clearly I remember your eyes, with a kind of teasing smile in them, and the feeling of that soft spot just north-east of the corner of your mouth against my lips. . . .”


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