A Bunch of Old Timey Socks That Make Me Glad to Be A Lesbian Because It Means I Can Wear Whatever I Want

The sheer amount that’s happening visually here has me convinced that these socks could have only belonged to a lesbian.

Same goes for these.

Why even wear shoes when you have on these sexy boys?

Perfect for the tabi boots I’ll never be able to afford with my fine arts degree.

Who needs a locket when you can wear a picture of your girlfriend’s face on your actual legs?

Whoever said you can’t mix prints is both a homophobe and an idiot.

In case you wanted to twin with Ikea.

These girls are so gorgeous that a straight person could probably wear them.

Holy fucking shit.

Fuck the Balenciaga sock boot. This shit is thigh high fishnets that come conveniently already attached to a shoe, in case you have a track record of misplacing your footwear after a long night.  Femmes, take note.

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