Steady Time-Keepers and Their Tall-ish Pretentious Companions in Pop Culture

You may be surprised but there are NOT as many clock and candlestick representations in pop culture as one would hope.  This is a shame because time-keeping objects are always good symbolism and they are even better when paired with tall showy companions, as I think you will realize in a minute.

1. Cogsworth and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast


Bon-fucking-jour! I can’t even look at this directly without exploding because this clock and candlestick LOVE each other. And yet no one else is putting more clocks/candlesticks in their movies even though Beauty and the Beast was nominated for an OSCAR? Like okay. Anyway, they are the key “time keeper” and “tall-ish ornamental object” duo.

2. The Melting Clock and the Dead Olive Tree from The Persistence of Memory


Olive trees symbolize wisdom. Melting clocks symbolize either the relativity of time or Camembert melting in the sun, depending on your mood. But either way this clock tells you what time it is and this dead olive tree is full of itself with the way its standing. This is a surrealist take on the classic time keeper/tall object pairing.

3. The Pocket Watch and the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland


This well-dressed rabbit would be late without his pocket watch.

4.  The Metronome and the Obelisk from my favourite Tumblr



This time keeper and tall monument have been through a lot. We here at the Niche are just ready for these crazy kids to say I love you, stop asking existential questions, and adopt a terrier.

5. Big Ben and the Tower


Did you know Big Ben is the clock and the tower is just the tower? Well now you do. And they’re an iconic pair. They’ve been in many movies.

End of list. So you see, this is a problem and we need more stories with time keepers and tall showy companions.


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