What We’re Reading at 1AM

Toni Morrison on race, memories, and regretting everything.

“When I’m not creating or focusing on something I can imagine or invent, I think I go back over my life — I don’t recommend this, by the way — and you pick up, ‘Oh, what did you do that for? Why didn’t you understand this?’ Not just with children, as a parent, but with other people, with friends. … It’s not profound regret; it’s just a wiping up of tiny little messes that you didn’t recognize as mess when they were going on.”


This great little video on the animation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is worth the watch, for artists and non-artists alike.



If you’ve ever wanted to live in an impeccably restored Victorian home, Old House Guy will show you how.


Dig that gramophone on the left.

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