What We’re Reading at 1AM

David Cronenberg: Digital Exhibition. Around midnight is when I usually get excited about prop-making. Have you ever seen Naked Lunch? Don’t watch it right now- it’s not a “start it right before bed” sort of movie.  Instead, check out some sick mugwumps.

Warning: Cronenberg-typical body horror and insects on this page.



“Oh Who Is That Young Sinner” by A.E. Housman. Oh, Alfred…Alfred, Alfred. This work was written during the trial of Oscar Wilde, though it wasn’t published until later, following Housman’s death. Sweetheart. Darling.


Vintage ads!  Everybody loves old-timey advertising, right? The bright colors, the casual sexism, the anthropomorphized hardboiled eggs. It’s a blast.



Finally, consult the Color Oracle and get read for filth.


That’s it! Night all. May your dreams be as surreal and disjointed as the content of this post.




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