What We’re Reading at 1AM

Technically, we’ve missed 211th anniversary of the creation of Sherlock Holmes by an hour. But you should head over here and (re)read A Study in Scarlet anyway.


As if the title of this Harper’s longread “Blood Spore: Of Murder and Mushrooms” alone weren’t enough to draw anyone in, get a load of this imagery:

Pollock’s body was presented in an open casket, and each hand held a mushroom. The left clutched a large P. cubensis strain Pollock had found in Oaxaca, a big seller that Hidden Creek had advertised as conferring psychic powers; in the right was a different P. cubensis strain he had discovered at the Plantersville Renaissance Festival in Texas.


It’s been a long day. Let’s wind down after all that fungi-tinged murder with a colorful history of American cakes, shall we?


I’m going to curl up on top of this and go to sleep. Goodnight.


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