Collected For Your Convenience: Songs About Gertrude Stein

There is currently a void in your life. There is something missing, something that should be there but isn’t.You’re not quite sure what it is.

It is a playlist composed entirely of songs about American modernist writer Gertrude Stein. With content ranging from hypothetical lesbian bars to imagined hangouts with Gertrude herself to to a touching song about finding people like you in history, it’s quite a good selection.

Phranc- “Gertrude Stein”


Jess Hawk Oakenstein- “Dear Gertrude Stein”


The Butchies- “Gertrude + Stein”

Janell Rock- “Gertrude & Steins”


Chuck Coleman- “Me and Gertrude Stein”


You’re welcome.

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