What We’re Reading at 1AM

Like the rest of the world, tonight I’m tripping out about time crystals and #relating more than I could have expected to non-equilibrium matter:

A time crystal is like constantly oscillating jelly in its natural, ground state, and that’s what makes it a whole new phase of matter – non-equilibrium matter. It’s incapable of sitting still.

If that ain’t me.


Did you know that Ebay is full of reasonably priced Star Trek fanzines from the 1970s and 80s? Buy them all so I can’t.


There he is. [x]


I’m giving up on grad school and humor blogging to run away and join the globemakers. Don’t try to follow me.


Finally, in keeping with the above, it seems I’m a sanguine/phlegmatic cusp. How about you?

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