Lesbian Comedians Whose Haircuts I Have Shared

From one end of the futch scale to the other.


LILY TOMLIN: All lesbians have spent some period of time trying to look like Oscar Wilde. Lily is no exception, and neither am I.


TIG NOTARO: This is about the point where the people I love begin to subtly hint that I might need to take a trip to get my hair cut again. But, like, it looks so good on her.


RHEA BUTCHER: Rhea Butcher is ideal. Hers is the haircut I have for the first two weeks after I leave the barber. I have worn a dress to a restaurant and still been called “Sir” by the waiter because of my Rhea Butcher hair. When I have Rhea Butcher’s hair I love myself and the world loves me.


CAMERON ESPOSITO: I respect her and I’m glad she’s doing what makes her happy. But I think one time I had a nightmare where my hair looked like this.


KATE MCKINNON: Remember eighth grade, when a boy asked me out and I went home and cried and didn’t know why? And a few weeks later I saw a production of Romeo and Juliet where my really pretty friend played Juliet and I felt super weird around her for the next four months?  And I checked a copy of a book called ‘Guys Read’ out of the library and kept it out for so long that I lost it and had to ask my dad for money to reimburse the school? My hair looked kind of like Kate McKinnon’s then. Well, it was long.




One thought on “Lesbian Comedians Whose Haircuts I Have Shared

  1. fämther says:

    remember when u had my current haircut for like 6months the summer into the beginning of freshman year and then you cut it short and got your self confidence back


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