17th Century Looks We Should Bring Back

If you were alive in the 17th century, then surely you are aware of the fact that there are sentiments that can no longer be expressed in modern clothing. Here, I present to you seven #Looks that may bring you a rush of nostalgia for that grand siècle.



Who is she?



This brings about a very specific mood that could only be conveyed again by recreating this painting exactly, and what better way to do that than bring this style of clothing back into the mainstream? I would like to experience this mood.



Comrade Couture



How many times have you tried and failed to evoke the sight and taste of carrot stew in your apparel? I can only hope that I will ever reach this level.



If you have ever seen any modern family portrait, you might have noticed that there is a glaring lack of lutes that make appearances in them. This needs to change.



Everything about this is iconic, from the moustache, to the pose, to the beautifully patterned slashed doublet. God I wish that were me



I oftentimes find myself yearning to be the sentient embodiment of a chair. This young unknown woman manages to do not only that, but also to exude a sense of calm disapproval.


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